For over 25 years Energy Control Service has taken pride in offering the most up-to-date controls technology. With us on your side you can achieve full-spectrum building automation including systems integration, energy management, temperature control, lighting, and security integration. We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our clients by providing exceptional designs and cost-effective solutions to meet a panoply of needs.



Interior Windows
Temperature Controls

Offering future proof temperature controls that are 100% open protocol with the use of BacNet or ModBus.

Automated Integration

One system, one web-based dashboard, one goal-unifying all your building's systems.

Data on a Touch Pad
Energy Management

Helping clients maintain tenant/occupant comfort while operating in an efficient manner, all while being cost effective.

Enterprise Solutions

Offering scalable systems which make enterprise scheduling and multiple location management as simple as logging on to one web page (from any location).

Energy Audits

Local Law 97/98 compliance

Local Law 33 compliance
Environmental Division

ECS's Environmental Division has researched the myriad amount of technology and products that have been introduced or become relevant due to COVID-19, in an effort to provide the most balanced and complete approach to reintegration.



In 2018 Energy Control Service restructured our departments to meet the demands of the “smart era.” The company has fully embraced the integration of systems and energy management and curtailment.

The Optimus Integration and Service division operates as a certified BACnet Integrator promoting fully open interconnected automation systems while also extending the maximum life of a building’s existing automation system and utilizing all systems to provide the highest level of conservation and sustainability.

While ECS continues to work on “plan and spec” work, which ultimately tends to be cost-driven and not ecologically friendly, we prefer to conduct design and build projects. Our Special Projects department is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of our 45 (and growing) service clients.


Ultimately, a BMS and HVAC infrastructure need constant updating and we have a department dedicated to providing cost-saving analysis. The special projects department seeks to understand the needs of our
non-Optimus service clients and help them reduce energy consumption and waste.



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Projects Completed


Current Service Clients



 10 E 53rd Street, New York, NY 


 626 1st Avenue, New York, NY 


 Industry City, Brooklyn, NY 



New York Headquarters

15 Murray St. 

Staten Island, NY 10309

Tel: 718-984-5999

David Bronzo- President, Chief Estimator

Michael Bronzo- Vice President, Chief Engineer

Diamadis Sideridis- Senior Project Manager &

Director of Special Projects

Frank Spatola- Director of Programming

Michael Bronzo Jr.- Director of Mid-Atlantic Sales

Franco Curico- Assistant to Senior Project Manager

Joseph Bronzo- Director of Sales & Service

Kristina Bronzo- Accounting Supervisor

Denise Amato- Office Manager


Brett Nebel- Head Drafter in Engineering Dept.

Neil Barbella- Service Technician


Nicole Barbella- Graphic Specialist